Susan B. Anthony Awards Luncheon, 2015

Palm Beach County National Organization for Women was extremely proud to honor Corinne T. Miller, Voting Rights Advocate, at its 42nd Annual Susan B. Anthony Feminist of the Year Awards Luncheon.  The Keynote Speaker was Senator Maria Sachs, who gave a spirited speech matching our mood.

In line with the theme, “Activism is Local”, board members Adele Guadalupe, Sheila Jaffe, Ann Fonfa, Les Rivkin and Arlene Ustin all described their current issues–Family Court Justice, Feminist Scholarships, Medical Marijuana Amendment, and Restoration of Voting Rights to Former Felons.

Arlene Ustin received the 2015 “Blood Sweat and Tears” Award, presented by last year’s winner, Meredith Ockman.

Another theme running through our celebration was the Jan. 6th decision allowing equal marriage in Florida.  Shirley Herman spoke eloquently, and from the heart, about this issue, and Clerk of the Court Sharon Bock echoed her feelings with her own comments.

For more photos from this luncheon, go to SBA 2015 Photos; for all of them, go to Carol Porter’s website.


Presenting the Award

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