New Book On Child Custody Odyssey


The courts of the United States have gone into the business of stealing our children and grandchildren. Does this sound too dramatic or surreal for you to believe? Then ask yourself how this stay-at-home mom/artist landed on the FBI’s 10 most wanted Fugitive list.

FBI 10 Most Wanted

This is a story that exposes the corruption and cronyism that is happening in our courtrooms, which has turned family court into a Divorce Industry. Miriam tells a riveting story of the fight to protect herself and her son in a court system where justice has little meaning. The book cites many resources and references on the state of affairs in our court system and exposes the callous indifference judges have towards children even when they are placed in harm’s way. Women, beware; there is a backlash going on in court.
Protecting My Child book cover

This book is an eye-opener for the vast majority of us who think that the courts represent justice.  For any person thinking of stepping foot in any court, this is a must-read book presented in layman’s terms on your rights in court, what you can expect from your lawyer, how you can report a judge or court representative for abuse of powers, how to get your money back for bad representation, and how to be your own best advocate.




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