Equal Rights Amendment Progress

September 12, 2013

Office of Representative Lori Berman: 561-374-7850
Office of Senator Arthenia Joyner: 813-233-4277

On Thursday, Representative Lori Berman (D-Lantana) filed HCR 8001, the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). The legislation provides for Florida to ratify the ERA, which would make Florida the 36th state to do so. Senator Arthenia Joyner has filed the companion bill in the Florida Senate, SCR 68.
“Florida women are at the forefront of research, medicine, engineering, law, politics and even military operations overseas – yet without any constitutional protections of their right to equality,” said Senator Joyner. “In the 10 years I’ve sponsored this bill, I have yet to hear a reasonable explanation for why this state should not ratify the ERA. The Constitution’s guarantee of equality is not only a right women deserve, it is a right they have earned.”

“The Equal Rights Amendment will offer Constitutional protection to women,” said Representative Berman. “I am proud to sponsor this bill for the fourth consecutive year. Now that more women are in the workforce, we need to assure that women are treated equally in the labor force as well as all facets of society.”

In the 2013 session, the Local & Federal Affairs Committee in the Florida House of Representatives held a workshop on the ERA. Attended by multiple supporters, the presentation and reception of the committee members was very positive. “Based on the success of the hearing in 2013, I am optimistic that we can advance the dialogue toward adopting the ERA in Florida during this session,” said Representative Berman.

Constitutional amendments must be approved by three of every four states, or 38 states. As the ERA has previously been approved by 35 states, only three more are needed to reach this threshold.

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