Links to Other Sites, Our History, Other Items of Interest

PBC NOW Facebook

National Organization for Women

Florida NOW

History of the Founding of NOW

Families Against Court Travesties

Equality, I am Woman–video of 1970 March for Women’s Rights in NYC

Getting onto the Florida Women’s Resource Directory

Sept 1916 page from Palm Beach Post re women’s suffrage

Judith Kaplan, Feminist Historian and past member, PBC NOW

Beverly Jones August 1973–Control Over Our Own Movement–PA NOW Bylaws commentary Hershey Pennsylvania

Beverly Jones August 1973–Control Over Our Own Organization, PA NOW Bylaws commentary Hershey Pennsylvania

Beverly Jones 1968–redstockings-toward female liberation

Beverly Jones–Toward’s Female Liberation Movement, 1970 excerpt

Floridian Same Sex Couples Sue in Miami-Dade Court for Right to Marry

Florida State University Center for the Advancement of Human Rights (re: Human Trafficking)

Federal Strategic Action Plan on Services for Human Trafficking Victims in the United States 2013-2017

Equality Florida

Florida American Civil Liberties Union (FL ACLU)

Florida Democratic Party

Florida Republican Party 

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