Florida NOW Applauds SCOTUS Decision

June 26, 2013
Contact: Donna Slutiak
352- 625-1511

Florida NOW Applauds SCOTUS Decision

Florida National Organization for Women (FL NOW) applauds the Supreme Court ruling for stating that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is unconstitutional.
“Florida NOW has been a long-time fighter for equality for all and we’re glad to see that the Supreme Court recognizes these unethical and illegal laws for what they are,” said Donna Slutiak, president of the Florida Chapter of NOW.  “Floridian people, including our friends, families, and children have been suffering under laws that have been unjust. Today, the Court took a monumental step toward righting these wrongs!”
A May 9th, 2013 Washington Post-ABC News poll found that 55% of Americans supported equal marriage while 40% did not.  Florida NOW Vice President, Meredith Ockman, stated today “We have been contacted by people throughout the state who are electrified but confused by this ruling. We all know this is an important decision, but people don’t understand the direct impact. We are excited to share this important information and answer questions. We will be planning town-hall type meetings throughout the state.”
“This isn’t over, not by a long shot. There are still too many states where this right is not recognized, including right here in Florida. Governor Scott is already on record as saying nothing will change in Florida,” Slutiak continued,  “We at Florida NOW are committed to making sure that all LGBT citizens are provided the full range of benefits and protection afforded to all Floridians.” Florida NOW is prepared to continue its work on this important issue. Now is the time to educate ourselves, to understand the ramifications of these decisions. We encourage the public to join the Florida National Organization for Women (FLNOW.org) for more information.

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